Benefits of HHO Kit

  • Increases Mileage
    40% to 60 % increase in mileage on top of your current mileage
  • Increases Power (Torque)
    Power will be increased than before
  • Increases Acceleration
    Acceleration will be increased than before.
  • Increase life span of engine
    No carbon deposits with water-gas conversion kits ,the engine is steam cleaned everyday.
  • Increases Combustion efficiency
    Hydrogen gas mixed with other fuels makes the fuel explode in the combustion chamber ,thus increasing the combustion process in your engine
  • Increase oil life time
    Life time of Engine oil replacement is increased as the engine is carbon free.
  • Reduce Engine noise & Vibrations
    Reduce the vibrations, noise and engine clatter, and enjoy a smoother engine operation.
  • Reduce Emissions
    Improves the cycle of the engine and reduce engine noise drastically.Due to Reduced build up of carbon deposits inside the engine, making it run smoother and cleaner